Sound Healing for Chronic Illnesses

Looking for Relief from a Chronic Illness?

Sound Therapy Helps!

Healing music is medicine by ear rather than by the mouth! The raw truth is that sound is medicine which comes in a form different that medicines taken through the mouth. Support forhealing-music a wide variety  of chronic illnesses comes to you in the form of specially configured sound therapy frequencies that research now shows helps provide relief from a variety of illnesses.

We all  know what it means to take “Medicine by Mouth” in the form of pills. Medicine music in the form of sound frequencies can also be delivered to our bodies through our ears. Dr. Suzanne Jonas calls this unique and powerful therapy  “Medicine by Ear.”  The guiding principle which has inspired Dr. Jonas’ healing music creations is that specific sounds can help to heal specific imbalances in the body.

Many persons with chronic conditions are searching for ways to get relief from their symptoms as a way to jump start recovery. While many options are available today that  provide relief from symptoms, many are very expensive and have side effects. Side effects side effects may be worse than the symptom itself.  I recommend healing music CDs because they are incredibly effective and have no harmful side effects.

I strongly endorse healing music as a therapeutic options for the following reasons:

  • Music Medicine CDs are very inexpensivemusic-medicine
  • No prescription from a doctor is required
  • Results are experienced quickly
  • You are in charge of your own healing
  • Benefits far exceed the cost

A listing of the amazing Healing Music CDs that have been created and mastered by Dr.  Suzanne Jonas are listed below. The frequencies embedded on each CD are best absorbed in the body through headphones using any external device (such as a CD player, IPod, IPhone, IPAD, or MP3 Player).

Medicine by Ear CDs

Shipping to all US destinations is $4.95. Shipping to destinations outside the US is $11.90. The cost of each CD is shown with each CD, respectively.

Cancer Therapy Companion

Cancer-TherapyA program of specific frequencies embedded in the sound of a mountain stream assists in decreasing the side effects of cancer therapies. Cancer Therapy Companion also helps regulate body temperature, increase energy, improve sleep quality, decrease nausea and reduce anxiety.


Autism Aide

Autism-AidThe frequencies on the Autism Aide CD are embedded in harp music by Peter Sterling. They stimulate the brain at the subatomic level which leads to greater awareness and coping abilities. The tones assist in relaxing muscles, balancing the hemispheres, and releasing tension. Individuals express themselves better with external stimulation.



FibromyalgiaThe specific frequencies on the Fibromyalgia CD are embedded in the sounds of a mountain stream. They help relax and decrease pain associated with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain. The Fibromyalgia CD has been especially helpful to patients with sleep disorders.


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Chronic Fatigue

Chronic-FatigueFrequency combinations on the Chronic Fatigue CD are designed to assist in decreasing the pain and symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Tones are embedded in the sound of a mountain stream.


Parkinson’s Premium CD

PD PremiumThis second generation Parkinson’s program [ frequencies-only] was formulated to decrease the symptoms of Parkinson’s including: trembling in hands, arms, legs, jaw, and face; rigidity, or stiffness of the limbs and trunk; bradykinesia, or
slowness of movement; and postural instability, or impaired balance and coordination.


Etheric Sweep

Etheric-SweepResidue and debris from traumatic history and failures accumulate in our emotions and etheric bodies. The frequencies on the Etheric Sweep CD will assist in sweeping away the debris. The frequencies are embedded in music with binaural beats. Most effective when used with the VTS-1000. Very powerful!


Deep Relaxation

Deep-RelaxationThe Deep Relaxation CD was developed for persons with high stress and anxiety levels. Track 1 teaches you how to relax. Track 2 is a guided imagery to assist in relaxation, decreasing minor pain, and increasing healing. Deep Relaxation contains binaural beat technology for faster relaxation.


Respiratory Relief

Respiratory-ReliefFrequencies and music to assist in decreasing the symptoms of asthma, COPD, emphysema, and respiratory ailments.


Digestion Assist

Digestion1Tones are embedded in ocean surf. Specific frequencies assist with digestion, assimilation of nutrients, and elimination. Use before, during or after meals.


Restless Legs

Restless-LegsTones embedded in sounds of a rainforest  These frequencies have been effective in decreasing restless legs activity during the night.


Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple-SclerosisThe frequencies on the Multiple Sclerosis CD are programmed to assist in decreasing the symptoms of MS increasing sensory functioning. Listen 2-4 times daily.


Pain Control

Pain-Control2Developed in a pain control clinic, the Pain Control CD is highly effective with high level, chronic pain. Track 1 begins with a short relaxation exercise followed by rhythmic music, which has been shown in a pain study to be highly effective at reducing pain; the track ends with gentle surf sounds. Track 2 is quiet classical music.



MenoposeFrequencies embedded in the sounds of ocean surf to help regulate shifts in body temperature and release hormones that are low; also helpful in relaxing and energizing.



arthritisPain from chronic arthritis can keep one from participating in everyday activities. The frequencies on the Arthritis CD have been embedded in the sounds of a mountain stream and are specifically formulated to decrease that pain. Assists in decreasing stress levels and increasing focus, concentration, and creativity. Good for adults and children. Two tracks: Frequencies are embedded in nature sounds with binaural beats; Frequencies embedded in mountain stream.



PTSDPost Traumatic Stress (PTSD) is the result of intense, abhorrent experiences that the mind has difficulty processing. This CD assists in dissolving the effects of trauma. Excellent for sleep. The PTSD CD contains 2 tracks: frequencies embedded in mountain stream; and frequencies alone.


Cardiac Healing

CardiacHealingDesigned for a study at the University of Connecticut, the Cardiac Healing CD showed significant results in decreasing heart rate, anxiety, blood pressure, and respiration. Includes a detailed guided imagery and music by David Ison.


Sinus Soother

Sinus-SootherTones are embedded in ocean surf. An increasing number of adults and children are experiencing sinus congestion and pain due to allergies, colds and infections. Sinus Soother CD is designed to decrease mucus, assist in flushing out toxicity on the nerves, and decrease headache pain. You may listen as often as you wish.


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Bone Builder

Bone-BuilderA program of specific frequencies embedded in ocean surf designed to assist in repairing broken and fractured bones and increasing bone density. Best results will occur when played as often as possible.


Spinal Ease

Spinal-Ease1The specific frequencies on the Spinal Ease CD help release back muscle tension and stimulate each of your vertebra. It has been highly successful in in diminishing pain and increasing overall energetic balance.


Knee Aid

Knee-Aid1The frequencies on the Knee Aid CD are specifically formulated to assist in healing knee injury and degeneration by increasing the flow of energy to the area.


Ave Maria

Ave-MariaOne of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written. The French composer Charles Gounod wrote this version of Ave Maria  based on a prelude by J.S. Bach. Specific frequencies are embedded in this rendition of Ave Maria arranged by Richard Plunkett. They are to assist in opening your heart and infusing you with inner peace.


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Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Zero Point Healers
Olympia, Washington

6 thoughts on “Sound Healing for Chronic Illnesses

  1. I would like to use these to help my 27 year old autistic son. However, he will not tolerate headphones. Is there benefit form using them without speakers?

    1. Yes – there is a benefit from listening – it is just not as great as can be derived from using the headphones. The sounds are great to play around the home as background sounds (or white noise).

      Robert Rodgers PhD

    1. It is recommended that headphones be used. The frequency emitted on the right side
      is slightly different from the left which builds new neural pathways.

      Robert Rodgers

    1. I wish the answer were “yes.” To get the full benefit, headphones are recommended, so I have not
      put any samples up. I will see what I might be able to upload however. You offer a great suggestion!


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